Visual data discovery, cloud computing, and mobile lead the Business Intelligence trends to watch in 2014. This article gives us a glimpse of what to expect this upcoming year.
Steps are being taken to increase the type of data given on a new website which was created to help people find the correct doctor for their needs with the new health care changes.
Information security, as a recognised business activity, has come a long way in the past decade. Many factors have caused it to mature and it has attained its "license to operate" within corporate and public sectors.
Fairly interesting article that speaks for the hard times many companies are having with rising popularity in online shopping via websites such as Amazon. I wonder if someday all (or close to) of our consumption will be done online.
Google purchased DeepMind to help interpret the large amounts of data it collects in hopes that it can fine tune ad delivery to answer questions users haven't even ask yet.
Businessweek explains why IBM's renowned supercomputer isn't ready to take our jobs, yet..
As we all know, computers are always changing and this is yet another example of what's to come in our future.
Anthony Kosner of Forbes predicted that in 2014 hardware start ups will be as prevalent as software start ups are now. With online access being standard on most new hardware, its becoming easier to receive new software, making hardware more important.
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